The source is with me

Things have got a little spooky around here folks. On Saturday I did a Vision Day with my spiritual mentor and as well as setting my intentions, I was asked to cut pictures out of magazines and stick them onto some card. The idea was to create a visual representation of my desires.

I turned up thinking that I wanted more money, but there were no jewels, fancy cars or holidays on my vision board. It was awash with pictures of uncluttered spaces. Tidy desks. Neat bookcases. Bedrooms with floors that were not strewn with clothes. Wardrobes that looked like a Benetton shop. It seems a tidy home was what I most desired.

‘A word of warning, the manifesting can happen quickly after the Vision Day,’ said the mentor. I scoffed. Huh, and I’m the Queen of Sheba…

Anyhow, thanks to a wonderful twist of fate, a tidying expert is set to spend the whole of tomorrow helping me declutter my house. The universe has gone above and beyond.

Not only that. I have had an avalanche of PR enquiries. Too many to handle in fact. Just as I was stressing over the amount of work, up popped an e-mail from a friend recommending a fab freelance assistant. We are speaking later this week and she sounds like just the pair of hands I need.

If things change this quickly in a matter of days, then think of what might happen in a whole year.  Universe, I take back all the snarky things I have ever said about you. You are the biz!


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