KonMari magic!

It’s incredible isn’t it? On Saturday I wished for an a cleaner, uncluttered house and just four days later, a KonMari consultant turned up on my doorstep – with a BBC TV crew and presenter Dominic Littlewood. If you want to see how it went, tune into The One Show tonight between 7pm and 7.30pm.

A lovely lady called Katrina, who coincidentally, only lives a stone’s throw from my house, explained the KonMari method. I was to put ALL my clothes in one place and then one by one, hold them to see if they sparked joy. I was astounded by how many did not. I was also shocked to discover that I had many duplicate items. My wardrobe was such a state, I’d forgotten what I owned.

It was bizarre watching TV host Dominic crouched on my bedroom floor folding up my clothes, but as it happens, he was a natural.

The results? Not so much a spark of joy, but an explosion. According to Katrina, it’s not about how much you throw away, it’s about making sure that everything that sparks joy, has its place. What a transformation. The inside of my wardrobes are Instagrammable. Even my knickers are folded.

Friends and family think that I’ll be back to my usual chaotic state within a month, but the feeling I get when I open my wardrobe now is so uplifting, I am determined to continue in this mode and in case you are wondering, Marie Kondo is a tidying expert who currently has a series on Netflix.

It’s a fascinating show. I think you probably could KonMari your house alone, but having an expert by your side who appears to have a Phd in folding, is an enormous asset. I am so very grateful. Thank-you universe, thank-you BBC and thank-you Katrina.


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