She is not my guru.

I think it’s time you met my spiritual mentor. Before we start, I must say that she is not my guru. As predicted, the very mention of the word made her shudder and I will stick to my promise of using it only once for the purposes of an attention grabbing headline (or two, including this one).

Anyway, her name is Marion Young and you can read all about the work she does on her website (just click on her name above and it will take you through).

This morning, we had a 90-minute phone call to discuss the forthcoming year-long spiritual mentorship programme. Top of the list of things I want to achieve in 2019 is inner peace with fulfilling work and finances tied at second place.

Fulfilling work is anything that gives me a buzz, whilst delighting my clients at the same time. I have a problem with undercharging and that’s because I don’t think my talents/gifts are worth anything. Why? Because the things I am good at come so naturally to me, they don’t feel like work and I was taught that money = hard graft.

My homework for the next month is to flex my receiving muscle. For example, the next time I am paid a compliment, I mustn’t flinch and respond with a put down. I should smile and receive it gratefully. The same goes with drinks, money, lifts…you name it, I’ll take it.

Sounds like easy homework doesn’t it? The trouble is, while I am a champion giver, I have a problem with receiving. For example, I hate compliments. They embarrass me. Also, I don’t like to be given money and will arm wrestle anyone who won’t let me buy a round. I like to pay my way. The world is full of freeloaders and I am not one of them – at least I wasn’t until now.

In all seriousness, this is going to be a big challenge and I am up for embracing it, so please, if you want to send gifts, compliments or cash my way, don’t be shy!


  1. Hi Sally, this is seriously brilliant and helpful. I can really relate and trying to put it into practice will be a big challenge but like you, will start one day at a time xx

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