The science behind the magic.

The premise of this spiritual path that I have embarked upon, is that I learn how to tap into a higher power. I can then use it to attract the people and events that will enable me to live the life of my dreams, a life that I have created.

Apparently, wealth, job offers, holidays and all sorts of other opportunities will be mine for the taking if I can tune into this very special frequency, which is apparently available to us all.

Yep, it sounds a bit woo woo, like wishful thinking with bells on. Deep down I believe there is something in this or else I wouldn’t have signed-up, but there are times when it feels bonkers. If you feel the same, then you might be interested to hear that there is science behind the magic. Apparently.

I was recommended a book called Becoming Supernatural – How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon by Dr. Joe Dispenza a neuroscientist who decided to devote his life to the study of how the mind can heal the body after he refused surgery and mended his own broken back with the power of thought alone, even though several specialists warned he would never walk again.

He has conducted countless experiments to measure, record and analyse how people have healed their bodies, minds and lives ‘to prove to the world that common people can do the uncommon.’

One of the experiments that stuck in my mind involved a newly hatched chick. When they break free from their egg, chicks imprint on the first creature they see. This is usually their mother, but if you were there instead, the chick would follow you around cheeping.

In the experiment, a hatched chick is faced with a robot that moves at random. It follows it thinking it is mum.  In the control experiment, the robot is placed in an enclosed area and its movements recorded. It averages out that 50% of the time it goes to the left and 50% to the right.

However, when a chick who thinks the robot is its mother, is placed to the right of the space, the robot, which remember, moves randomly, remains in the right hand side of the area, close to the chick. Now, if a chick whose only thought is ‘Mummy, Mummy’ can move a robot using only the power of its mind, imagine what you or I could do.

I am not going to drill down into the mechanics of it all, because it is basically physics and that’s not my bag.  In short, this higher power exists in the quantum field. It’s all to do with electrons, neutrons, electro magnetics, vibrations etc.

According to Joe, we’re all stuck in a kind of rut, repeating patterns that are fuelled by old emotions and thoughts that are hardwired into our brains. The only way to undo them and create a new life is to tap into ‘consciousness’.  My spiritual mentor Marion uses this word a lot, it’s another term for the higher power and it connects the energy of ‘every body, every one, every thing, every place and every time.’ Dr.Joe writes that all the possibilities that you dream of for your life exist as electromagnetic potentials in the quantum field. That means they are already out there, which I know, feels a bit…out there!

Knowing there is actual physics behind the woo wooery gives me something concrete to hold onto. I can place my faith in science, because rightly or wrongly,  that is what I was taught as a child – my parents had no time for anything that purported to be supernatural.

Before I sign off, I just wanted to say how thrilled I am by the feedback I have had about this blog. I am so glad that it is resonating with people. We are all in this together. It is not my journey, it’s ours. I want to share all my learnings with you. They say that our souls have a purpose and I feel that mine is to help others like me who are sick of standing in their own way and want become the best version of themselves.

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