Lie back and think of the universe.

Yesterday, I spoke about the higher power that I am being asked by my spiritual mentor to tap into. I guess you are wondering how in the hell you do that. There isn’t a WhatsApp group or an 0800 line. It’s invisible. You can’t order it on Amazon and the majority of people you and I know would dispute its very existence.

The hotline to this force that I tend to call the universe, is your own mind, not the thinking mind, but the part of it that is unified with everything. You are already connected to it! Still bamboozled? Bear with me.

Can you accept that there is something bigger than you, controlling your body? There is part of you that knows how to heal a cut, breathe day in/day out, fight infections etc. Your body is doing an awful lot of stuff that you are not in control of, something else is. Biology, Mother Nature, whatever you want to call it, it’s not you.

This whatever it is, is doing the same for every living thing on the planet. Can you accept then that it is beyond matter? That it is an invisible frequency and one that you can tune into rather like a radio station? You can’t see radio waves, yet all of us can tune into HeartFM at the push of a button.

The way to tap into this higher force is through meditation. When you meditate, it changes your brain waves. According to my mentor, you give off a higher vibration (apparently, on a molecular level, everything is vibrating, even static objects like rocks) and this enables you to match the vibration of this force and tune in.

But even if you are happy to accept all that, you’ve got to meditate and I don’t know about you, but I find that hard. I fidget, I get bored and spend most of the time praying for it to be over.

If you are like me, then a good way to start is by doing conscious resting instead. My mentor says this is a way of intentionally connecting and surrendering to what she calls Grace and what I call the universe. When you are plugged into it, the universe is supposed to give you insights, practical answers to problems, clarity, inner-calm…a whole plethora of wonderful things.

I do it every day now and one thing’s for sure, even if nothing remotely supernatural happens, you will feel rested. It will calm your mind and be of enormous benefit to your mental health. I am so much more centred since I have been doing it.

The great thing about conscious resting is, you do it lying down, preferably tucked under a warm blanket and it only takes 20 minutes. If you want to have a go, you can download some conscious resting audios that Marion has recorded here. Be warned, she has such a soothing voice, you may fall asleep…but that’s okay too. You’ll get from it exactly what you are supposed to. Good luck and please let me know how you get on.

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