Can you feel it?

I’ve been thinking about ‘energy’ a lot recently and by that I don’t mean utilities or the physical va va voom variety, what I am referring to is energy in the quantum field, the invisible kind that my mentor Marion mentions in every other sentence.

When I first met Marion last September, I found myself resisting the urge to roll my eyeballs whenever she said stuff like ‘Can you feel the energy in the room?’ No I could not. What on earth was she on about?

I’ve been reading a lot of Dr. Joe Dispenza lately. I’m currently on You Are The Placebo and in it, he mentions how he has measured the electromagnetic energy that people give off when they meditate. Statistics prove that it happens – apparently.

Anyway, I had my first taste of what Marion and Dr.Joe mean by ‘the energy in the room’ last week when I spent 24-hours at a silent retreat.

The nuns had given me a lovely en-suite room called Lime Tree. It was well appointed, warm and had views of the garden. There wasn’t anything not to like, but my efforts to meditate in this room were so, so. I struggled.

After supper, I crept into the Prayer Room, which as the name suggests, is a room where people gather to pray in silence. The minute I stepped into this space, I felt something tangible. I couldn’t name it, but it was all around me. I closed my eyes and meditated for two-hours with relative ease. There was no doubt about it, I’d been suffused with the energy in that room. By Jove, I finally got it!

The same happened yesterday. We spent the first part of our spiritual mentorship day sat round a table, above a room where a group of people were getting into some serious meditation.

After lunch, we went into the downstairs room to do some conscious resting and I could feel that same something in the air. I fell into a deeply relaxed meditative state for the next 30 minutes and am still experiencing the after effects today. I feel wonderfully serene, as if I am tapping into that ‘energy.’

Marion wants the four of us to meditate daily and has suggested we all do it at 7am, so that we create a collective energy field. Had you told me this six months ago I’d have scoffed and chosen a different time to meditate just because I could. Now, even though I have no idea if a group of people can create a collective energy field remotely, I am willing to give it a try.

I am en-route to see my dad now, but later on, I am going to create a tidy space in my office where I can sit and meditate each morning. Marion said yesterday that she prepares the room ‘as if God were coming to visit’ when she meditates. I’m not sure God would much like the state of my office as it looks like a Ryman’s store after a hurricane has hit, but I am sure I can create a divine space somewhere in it. I’ll post a photo up when it’s done – that’s if I can find some flowers for sale on a Sunday.

That’s it for now, have a sublime Sunday everyone.

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