Shhhh….I’m meditating

What do you think of my new meditation aid? My husband rolled his eyeballs and suggested yet again, that I find some place else in which to switch off my mind. Pah! The sign only cost me a fiver, so I think it’s worth a try.

I did manage to meditate for a whole half an hour this morning. I used this meditation and I think I did better than usual because it gave me a voice to latch on to. When I am listening to somebody else, I can ignore the chatter in my head.

I am like this with Marion’s meditations. She has an incredibly soothing voice and it seems to anchor me in the right place.

In this morning’s meditation, the guy whose name I can’t remember, told me to do stuff like imagine the space inside my nostrils in space. Now, I found this impossible, but I did notice my nostrils tingle when I placed my attention on them. This happened with every area of the body that I was asked to feel in space. In space?? WTF??

There is also a bit in the meditation that asks you to imagine your ‘future’ life, the way you want it to be. This was easy enough. There I was, in my studio, at the bottom of our beautiful garden (post-imagined landscaping) dizzy on the scent of roses and making a fabulous living writing about all things to do with wellness and enlightenment.

The pictures in my mind were as clear as day, but what I couldn’t do, try as I might, was conjure up the feelings to match this vision. The negative emotions in my body were just way heavier than the elevated variety I tried to muster. They sat on my chest like a big sticky black rock refusing to budge.

I tried not to berate myself. This is the first time I have done this mediation. Maybe it will get a little easier each time I try. Perhaps meditation is like riding a bike and once I remove my trainer wheels, I’ll whizz off into the Tour de Soul at great speed. Watch this space…within space.


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