Month of mayhem

What a month it’s been. I had hoped that my first four weeks under the guidance of a spiritual mentor would be inspired, but it has been a tumultuous month and at times, I’ve felt like throwing in the spiritual towel.

Marion sent out her second monthly review form yesterday, so I need to put into words how the past fortnight has been.

Should I talk about the mountains of cheap chocolate I have scoffed, or the expletives I’ve thrown at my husband and kids? How about the fact that meditating has been arduous and at times, I feel that life is a big fat bully tormenting me in the playground?

It’s not all been bad. There have been snippets of calm in the storm. An inner something has flickered to life when I’ve felt that I can take no more. Hospital visits, calls to emergency doctors and watching my father on the verge of toppling over a dozen times has frayed my nerves, but I’ve got through it all without cracking…so far.

Anyway, to give you an idea of the sort of things Marion asks us to contemplate in our bi-monthly review forms, I’m going to list the questions below. How would your month look on paper?

* What have you realised or learnt about yourself?

* How have you been getting on with your meditation practices?

* How have you been getting on with your homework (in my case this was learning to receive).

* Have you uncovered any interesting beliefs?

* What has been flowing well for you?

* Any challenges?

* What can we celebrate about you?

I’m going to sign off now. I am about to do a ballet class at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. I have heaps of work to do and should be at home slaving over a hot keyboard, but I’ve decided that doing things I love is the best way forward when life gets tricky.

Once I’ve filled in my mentoring form, I’ll give you a précis of my replies.

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