Competition time…

We’re into month two and although the spiritual terrain is feeling a little rocky, I thought I’d try and spread a little bit of love on Valentine’s Day with a competition. Whoop! I bought myself a One Year Mindfulness Challenge the other day and I ordered a spare to give to one of you lovely readers.

It’s a glass jar filled with 52 weekly mindfulness exercises, the first one, which I will do today as soon as I get to leave the house, is called The Week Of First Steps and it asks me to be mindful every time I step outside. The text explains that leaving the house is something we do on auto-pilot, so focusing on it brings our mind into the present.

It’s a bit like a spiritual lucky dip whereby each week you pluck out an exercise in mindfulness. Do one every week and it will add up to one incredibly mindful year.

What do you need to do to win this lovely gift? Not much! Just comment on this blog or the Facebook or Instagram page, saying why you’d like to win using the hashtag #MindfulYear

Obviously, I’d be thrilled if you could do stuff like tag your friends, like my pages and share etc, but you don’t have to do any of those things if you don’t fancy it. Rest assured that if you don’t, it won’t affect your chances in any way. Besides, I am sure that the universe will decide who the rightful winner should be!

In other news, Dad was due to be discharged today and he was having his immunotherapy. It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong though and he wasn’t well enough to have the treatment and is now back in hospital. This means I won’t need to stay the night at his tomorrow, a small blessing as I have spent the last two weekends with him. I don’t mind of course, but I have been neglecting my family and most importantly, myself.

It’s all in the lap of the Gods as far as Dad is concerned and I must try and go with the flow as best I can. All prayers and the sending of healing vibes his way would be most welcome!



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