Unlucky bitch

I’ve read reams about manifesting and my spiritual mentor Marion is always talking about it. So far, my efforts have proved a bit meh, apart from the time quite recently when I conjured up a Marie Kondo consultant to help me tidy my wardrobes. I don’t think it is a coincidence that I was brimming with positivity when this happened.

Last year, I set myself the challenge of manifesting a million quid and the harder I tried, the poorer I became. It was as if the universe was taking the piss. Marion said this is because I was concentrating on lack and as a result, creating more of it.

The idea as I understand it is, you have to act as if you already have that thing you crave. You thereby transmit signals of abundance to the universe and more of it comes rushing into your life. The trouble is, I find it nigh on impossible to fizz with feelings of prosperity as tumbleweed drifts across the barren wasteland that is my bank balance. It puzzles me that I seem to work really, really hard, but never have anything to show for it.

It was money blocks that brought me to Marion’s door in the first place and I now see that my attitude to finances colours everything in my life. I am not rolling in as much cash as I would like because I simply don’t feel that I deserve it, in the same way that I don’t believe that I deserve love, kindness, holidays and many other wonderful things that are out there waiting to be enjoyed.

So, even though I’ve tried and failed at manifesting money, I know I have to keep going and thanks to one of the women on my spiritual mentoring course, I’ve just discovered Denise Duffield-Thomas, an annoyingly young woman who has unlocked the secret to manifesting and wrote about her journey in a book called Lucky Bitch.

Apparently, she used to walk around in clothes riddled with holes and couldn’t afford taxis, but now she is a multimillionairess…and I hate her. No, I don’t, I am just jealous. I’ve just bought one of her books in which she suggests that me, the reader, could be rich too. I fear I am too old and untalented, but according to Denise, all that talk is just excuses.

She’s got some videos that you can watch for free about manifesting. Try this one here. Interestingly, she says the first thing that you must do is clear your money blocks, or your limiting beliefs. These are the lies you tell yourself to support your theory – for example, I happen to think you have to work so hard to earn good money that it isn’t really worth it. I also believe it is greedy to want to be rich, that people wouldn’t like me if I was loaded and that I’d probably lose it all because I can’t add up.

That is just a few of my limiting beliefs as when it comes to money, I have a list as long as an orangutang’s arm.

Anyway, this week, I am going to be concentrating on those limiting beliefs. Where do they come from? How do they serve me and are any of them actually true?


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