Oh so quiet…

It’s going to be oh so quiet….or at least I hope so, for every time I try and meditate or get some peace, noise explodes nearby. It happened the last time I did a silent retreat with the nuns, it happened at Marion’s mentoring group and then last night, my gong bathing session was interrupted by squealing kids and a blender…someone was making soup in a nearby kitchen.

I am sure the lesson here is for me learn how to dip into the stillness within whatever the chaos without, but today, while I am at the House of Prayer, I could really do with some silence.

I wasn’t going to blog today, but I just wanted to tell you about three Silent Day Retreats that my mentor Marion is running. If you are local (Surrey area) you might like to consider them. They are less than eight hours long, so really quite bearable if you haven’t tried silence before. Plus, there are meditation sessions and plenty of support should difficult emotions arise – as they sometimes do, I am testimony to that!

The first is on Saturday March 23rd at St Michael’s Sanctuary, Church Street, Ewell and the others are on May 8th and July 10th at The House of Prayer (don’t be put off by the fact that it is a Christian retreat – I am not a Christian or in fact religious and they welcome me with open arms), which is where I am off to right now. I’ll post booking links when they are released, but for now, have a think about it. They cost £75 for the day.

Right. I’m off now. Shhhhh.


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