My soul is safe

A few concerned friends fear I am in the grip of a cult. I can understand why. For one who has spent a lifetime masking her true feelings, I am behaving rather oddly.

What is this Marion woman doing to me? Is she a witch? Or worse, a con woman?

In truth, she does very little. She has the wisdom to know that when it comes to the spiritual path, everyone must walk it alone; all she can do is shine a torch to light the way.

If I had to sum up her role in one sentence, it is: ‘She gently encourages us to get in touch with our own inner wisdom.’

We do this through meditation. When you switch off the chatter of your mind, then stuff from the unconscious bit of your brain can filter through.

When I did The Journey process with Marion last September, I was astounded. All she did was ask me to relax and close my eyes. She then urged me to explore my inner world by saying things like ‘What’s here?’ ‘What does it look like?’ ‘How does it feel?’

All manner of images and memories played in my mind. It was a bit like watching a movie of my life directed by David Lynch. It was all coming from me. Marion didn’t put anything in my head, she just asked me to look at what was already there.

She believes that the divine guides all of us and while I struggle with this concept, I can see with my own eyes that there is something behind the miracle that is this universe we live in.

I wanted to share with you an excerpt from an article Marion gave us by Dr.Candace Pert. She was a neuroscientist whose research proved that our thoughts and feelings affect our health and wellbeing.

She writes:

“When I first began meditating, I was besieged by visions of my father lying helpless and dying in his hospital bed and other emotionally charged visions, some from childhood, seemed to percolate up into my conscious awareness as if they had been packed away in storage somewhere. I marvelled at this process and was especially interested in how meditation’s effects on stress, had an impact on immunity, and what this meant in terms of the brain/body connection I had seen in my laboratory.”

Dr.Pert had explored the science of the body mind connection first and then she saw how it all came into play when she meditated. This extract is from her book Molecules of Emotion.

Like the body, the mind wants to heal itself. It doesn’t throw up these memories just to annoy/terrify/sadden you etc. It wants you to process and release them.

I signed up to do The Journey with Marion because I could sense that emotions which were laid down when I was a kid, were affecting me as an adult. If you hailed a taxi and saw that it was being driven by an eight-year-old, would you get in? Me neither just as I didn’t want one running my life.

So if you think that what I’ve been writing about is strange or startling, you can blame my inner eight-year-old for she started all of this. I don’t want her to go away and I am learning to love her, but for now, it’s time she climbed into the passenger seat and let me do the driving.

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