These feet were made for dancing…

I took the day off to do ballet today. After a morning networking event, I shot off into town to learn a dance from Romeo & Juliet with a member of The Royal Ballet. And it only cost £10. I tell you, it was way better for my soul than morning pages, meditation and gratitude practice combined. Every spiritual course ought to include compulsory ballet lessons.

And now, I have another ballet class at 8pm. At this rate, you’d think I’d be up there with Darcey Bussell (who incidentally, walked past us while we were dancing!) but I have all the elegance of a lame elephant.

I don’t care. There are brief moments when I lose myself in the music and almost feel graceful. They don’t last long, but they carry me off into a most wonderful place. This only happens when I am not dancing near a mirror!

I forgot my misery today. I danced, ate cake and didn’t think about work. I have a fantastic freelance PR working for me at the moment, so clients were being serviced while I pranced.

I realise now more than ever how important it is to do things I love. I have been a bit of a hermit of late and I’ve been so wrapped up in the whole spiritual thing, I have hardly had any fun. From now on, I want to make more time for the following –

  • Theatre trips
  • Meals out with friends
  • Weekend breaks
  • Holidays
  • Silent retreats (yep, I can’t get enough of them).
  • Art galleries
  • Street markets
  • The cinema
  • Fun things with my teenagers (if they can bear to spend time with me)
  • Spa visits
  • Massage

Lastly, I told my spiritual mentor Marion that I wanted to do more stand-up comedy this week. I plan to write a new five-minute segment about my spiritual journey. As luck would have it, I was introduced to someone who runs a local comedy club this morning and she wants to do more open mic spots. Looks like I’d better start seeing the funny side of things!


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