The mindful cabbage

If you are wondering why I’ve called this blog post ‘The Mindful Cabbage’ it is because I am going to leave you with some words from my spiritual mentor Marion. She has mystical experiences in the supermarket on a regular basis and mentioned one in a recent newsletter.

It happened to her on #mindfulMonday. I didn’t manage much in the way of mindfulness yesterday, but clearly, Marion was in her stride. Here’s what she said:

“The day is mindful Monday. I’m pushing my trolley through the supermarket aisles looking at the fruit and veg and focusing on being in present moment awareness. Then, I notice a cabbage.

The day before, I’d watched a film called ‘Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds that showed the interconnectedness of all things. Holding the cabbage and studying the intricacy and pattern of its leaves, reminded me of a bit in the film about the sacred geometric patterns contained in fruit, vegetables, leaves…all living things.

Then I focused on an orange; such a vibrant colour and smell. My fellow shoppers had a different agenda – rushing, busy, throwing things in their trollies, lost in thought as I have been on numerous occasions in the past.

Later, in the lift to the car park, the orange was sat on top of my shopping. A young man asked if he could have it. ‘Of course,’ I replied. He then said: ‘I didn’t want the orange, I just wanted to speak to you.’

He told me that seeing the orange had given him joy and that only a few months ago, he had been in pain. He then went on to explain why. It was a heartfelt and uplifting exchange.

This is true abundance, spontaneous, magical moments of Grace.

The same film described how the ancients of every tradition knew about the secrets of life and how the key to peace and the end of suffering is found in a quiet mind and being present.

Spirituality is everywhere and in everything. All the greats knew this. This is ancient knowledge in every culture, in every tradition. The key to accessing the knowledge and peace it brings and the beauty it evokes, is through quieting the mind and becoming still.”

Yesterday, I was rushing around too mindlessly for such encounters or thoughts. I need to stop. To slow down. I feel as if I’ve just got too much adrenaline coursing through my veins.

I haven’t managed to meditate yet as I discovered that my outbox was chocca with work mails that had been stuck for days. After I’d unravelled the mess and chatted to a client who is in a time zone that’s four hours ahead, the morning had gone. Kaput. Just like that.

Still, It’s only lunchtime so there is plenty of time left to be quiet and marvel at cabbages.

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