Conversation with my mentor

Will riches beyond your wildest dreams bring happiness? The ideal man or woman? A dream job? Expensive car? According to my spiritual mentor Marion, none of the above will fill the void. Sorry, but’s what she told me in a podcast interview this morning. Apparently, just about every person who has come to her door feels there is something missing in their life, no matter what they have materially. Pauper or billionaire, we all have the same inner struggles.

She talked to me about her own spiritual journey, what led her to become and mentor and how she helps people like you and I. You can listen to the full interview here. If it resonates, please feel free to share and like.

I’ll be speaking to Marion some more about spirituality and will also be lining up a series of illuminating interviews with other therapists, healers, teachers and inspiring people. Let me know if you have any ideas or you think you should feature on the podcast.

Rich towels..

In other news, I was reading Lucky Bitch at my Dad’s this weekend. I found Denise Duffield-Thomas’s journey fascinating and loved her tip about acting as if you are already rich so that the universe sends more prosperity your way. This doesn’t mean you have to go to Waitrose in a limo or start wearing designer labels, it can be done in small, incremental ways.

She asked me to think about what I would change if I were loaded. Crockery came to mind. I’ve had the same cups and plates etc, since I moved into my house 17-years-ago. It was second hand back then and most of it is chipped, stained or both. The dog eats out of a nicer bowl than I do.

My towels have had it too. We had an en-suite built in our bedroom 13-years-ago and I bought a bundle of gorgeous towels to go with it. Now they are not so luxury – they are unravelling faster than my psyche. I am showering like a tramp. I am acting like a person who doesn’t feel they deserve halfway decent, let alone the very best.

Today, I bought some Egyptian cotton towels, so that I get that 5* hotel feeling every time I shower and I got my expensive bone china bowls out of storage and put them in the cupboard. I keep them for whenever we have guests, but seeing as I haven’t entertained since Boxing Day last year, the bowls were feeling lonely.

So, tomorrow I shall bathe and breakfast like Victoria Beckham. Don’t worry, I shan’t pout or scowl and David won’t be joining me. Will feeling rich bring fortune to my door? I won’t know until I try, but I reckon it’s going to be worth it for the thrill of Egyptian cotton against my skin and the taste of Ready Brek eaten from bone China.

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