The universe gave me Peter Andre

I don’t know what your view is like, but from where I’m standing, the universe has a great sense of humour. Yesterday, it gave me Peter Andre. Really. There he was, at exactly the right time, reminding me to carry out a random act of kindness.

The other day, I drew a piece of paper from my One Year Mindfulness Challenge jar and it asked me to carry out acts of kindness anonymously – that’s tough when you’re penning a blog about every spit and cough of your life.

I’d only managed one rather pathetic act of kindness. I scolded myself and then of course, as I always do, forgot all about the challenge until yesterday when I was at the hairdresser’s.

There was a bit of a commotion outside. ‘What’s going on?’ I asked.

‘It’s Peter Andre, he’s doing some filming. Do you want to go out there?’ said my hairdresser.

‘What, with my hair in a towel? No thanks!’

Besides, I could barely see as the woman washing my hair had flicked shampoo into my eye.

I forgot all about Peter Andre and once my hair was done, dashed into the shopping centre with only one thing on my mind – hot cross buns.

As I turned the corner, there was Peter Andre. He kissed an elderly woman’s cheek on camera and announced ‘So let’s all agree to do random acts of kindness.’

That was my cue. I won’t tell you the details of my random act, but when I did it, I looked the person in the eye – he happened to have the brightest, bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, which surprised me given his circumstances. For a few seconds, we connected. It was both intense and uplifting, hard to describe really, but it was the best moment of the entire day.

So, thank-you Peter Andre and thank-you universe. Could I be greedy and ask for Jessie Pavelka next time? Okay, thought not…

Marion talks about her journey from skinny bullied kid to spiritual mentor..

Finally, sorry to go on about it, but if you haven’t listened to my podcast yet, please do by clicking HERE. In it, my mentor Marion talks about her own spiritual path and I am sure that like me, you’ll find it both inspiring and reassuring.

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