Divine timing

Yesterday, Peter Andre reminded me to perform a random act of kindness and today, just as I was fretting over my Dad’s care, the phone rang. It was his GP, calling to see how he was after his hospital stay. We’re not coping very well,’ I confessed. Then he said words that were magic to my ears: ‘Don’t worry, I’ll sort it out.’

He rang off and promptly initiated some respite care. How strange that the call came at just the right moment. This has been happening a lot recently and Marion says that these synchronicities are occurring because I am opening up to Grace. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I like it.

Things have been quiet work wise and while that caused me to panic initially, I can see that once again, the timing is perfect. I am not superwoman and it would be impossible to look after my father and work at full capacity. Fortunately, a brilliant assistant came into my life at exactly the right moment and is taking the strain.

I feel as if I am being looked after and aside from all these marvellous coincidences, people keep being nice to me. From smiles to door opening and other drivers letting me pass, the world is filled with kindness (as you may have guessed, I haven’t paid much heed to the Brexit coverage. If you can’t change it, there’s not point stewing over it in my book).

Is the world a benevolent place or is it just my perspective that’s changed? I watched a film on You Tube called ‘What The Bleep Do We Know?’ and the science behind it blew my mind. A physicist explained how certain particles can be in 3,000 different places all at once. They are one and the same thing and how they act depends on whether or not they are being watched.

I remember being asked philosophical questions such as ‘Is that chair still in the room if there are no people there to witness it?’

‘Of course,’ I’d cry. ‘It’s there. It’s the laws of physics.’

But the laws of physics are much stranger than I realised. Earlier this evening, I watched a flock of crows wheeling and cawing in the skies above Lewes. I wondered if everybody else could see them too. Do we all see the same things and what happens if nobody is looking?

By the way, do look up if you hear a flock of crows. They are fascinating. Two had a fight mid-flight and looked like a couple of Spitfires going down. I thought they were going to hit the ground, but they regained their composure and swooped dramatically back up to the tree tops.

In recent weeks I have slowed right down and this is causing me to notice things and opportunities that I might otherwise have missed. We’ve got a tough road ahead with Dad, but I feel certain that the help he needs will appear with divine timing. Sounds to me like I am having an acute attack of…faith.

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