One heart at a time

Yesterday was by any standards, a shit day. There were work stresses, spats, delayed trains and worst of all, my dad was in a great deal of pain. On paper, there was absolutely NOTHING good to report and yet I felt amazing. The penny has dropped. Now I know exactly what my spiritual mentor is talking about when she says that the secret to life is to live it from that place of inner stillness.

Marion is always warbling on about Grace, inner stillness and divine guidance etc. and it invariably sounds like utter bollocks to me. However, the minute I met her, I felt the inner calm she gives off and wanted a slice of it.

I had it yesterday, and some. I felt invincible, guided, looked after and so very grateful for the whole experience. Trust me, inner-Prozac is so much more satisfying than any pills you get from a bottle.

Why did it kick in yesterday? Perhaps it is because I meditated for a whole hour in the morning and asked my higher-self to enable me to feel at peace as I knew the day would prove challenging. I certainly think the modern-day Shaman is part of it too. Whatever he did, it healed something on a very deep spiritual level. I am not the same and don’t think I ever will be again.

I wonder if this is how people feel when they suddenly discover God after a lifetime of angry atheism. There is so much more to this universe we inhabit and I feel I have only just scratched the surface.

I think everybody should see a Shaman. I was reading about the death penalty for homosexual behaviour in Brunei this morning. If everybody had their heart cracked open like mine was on Monday, there would be no Sharia Law.

When I chatted to the Shaman prior to my session, he talked of a place in Africa where, if you commit a crime, you have to stand still while everyone in the village tells you something they like about you. They are clever enough to know that love will heal the heart of someone who has committed a crime.

I’m not paying much heed to world news right now. I don’t want to get pulled into the tidal drag of outrage as I am too busy working on myself. What good is that going to do? Well, I really believe that the only way to change the world is to do it one heart at a time.

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