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I caught up with an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in years yesterday and he was quite a different man from the one I remember. He has found God and as a result, is at peace with himself. No more anxiety, fear or doubt. As you can imagine, I was keen to hear all about this remarkable transformation seeing as he was an atheist when our paths first crossed.

It all started when he did the Alpha course, which explores the Christian faith. I’d heard about it, but have never actually met anyone who has done it. He explained that he became disenchanted with the classes and quit at one point, but when he finally surrendered to God and Jesus, magical things started to happen. He was filled with bliss, peace and love. Now, I wouldn’t mind a slice of that, but apparently, there are some pretty stringent ground rules.

For a start, having Marion as my guide is not advisable as dark forces could be at work. If she is the devil in disguise then trust me, Satan has played a blinder! Also, Christians, especially the newly hatched variety, vehemently believe that the only path to God is through Jesus…the rest of us are going to hell in a hand cart.

I had hoped that I could add the best bits of Jesus to my Buddhist meditations and Sikh chanting, rather like a Now This Is Spirituality mix, but apparently you have to go the whole hog or else it’s cheating. Boo!

As I was pondering all of this, Marion sent me an e-mail which contained the sentence: ‘You, together with your infinite intelligence, is all you really need.’ That’s more my style.

In the end, my friend and I agreed to disagree and that’s what you have to do where religion is concerned – we’ve seen throughout history what happens when you don’t.  I also respect him for having the courage to express his opinions knowing I could either take umbrage or assume he has lost the plot.

I believe there are many paths to God, Grace, universal energy, Shakti or whatever you want to call it. All I can do is follow my own heart and trust that in Marion’s words, it wants ‘the highest and the best’ for me. That feels right, so I’m going with it.



  1. I adhere to some of your thoughts. I teach one God and that the past is your present. Notwithstanding just food for thought;
    Has to do with the ancient Sumerian religion about 4500 BC;

    As far as the New Testament goes, many also draw a parallel between Dumuzi and Jesus because Dumuzi is a shepherd-king and he is resurrected from the dead. This is perhaps appealing to some as Dumuzi’s Akkadian analog, Tammuz, appears in the Bible, however Dumuzi’s periodic return from the underworld is not unique even in Sumerian literature. His sister Geshtinanna also rises from the dead, and if one counts those born as deities, Inanna does as well. Periodic death and rebirth is a common theme in agricultural myths where the return of the deities from the earth mirrors a return to life of plants.
    I believe in the Aramaic Philosophy of Life which is different then life’s concepts in the Hebrew Bible.
    I believe in one God and the oneness of Nature that cannot be recreated by man. We are soul and spirit and it is the soul that is in need of repair. We already have the spirit of Life within us. It becomes a matter of how we live each day with the idea of one God of our Nature.
    Mythological gods raise the dead; words raise the soul and gives one a quality of life in a harsh male dominated culture of gods that has no place for the common man or woman.

      • It is Aramaic Philosophy that dates back thousands of years. Life is always in motion around you. We judge everyday but these judgements come from our past. Which influence our decisions. This view goes psrt the Hebrew Bible. It was born out of the religions of the ancient Sumerians that gods came down and walked amongst us. It teach the Aramaic thoughts that the woman is the salvation of man for the simple reason she witness creation by the birth of creations children, sons and daughters. You are as it says the Tree of Life, man is not the Tree of Life only the Woman. In a male dominated ethnic religions the woman is always subjegatied to the whoes of the world and mans surroundings. A slave like Hagar who represents a philosophical thought of servitude. I teach to the Woman for she is the head of the house she is the Tree of Life, man destroys life. For sake of argument I have been married 50 yrs I speak from life experience and an understanding of the thoughts of the ancient Semeti/Aramaic cycles of life. The past is your present because they did not have any verb tenses for the future. Your re birth is the emergence of common sense. I left mans church’s 14 yrs. The woman worldwide including America is subjected by the words and hands of man and his ablutions and sacrifice. I teach Philosophy of life from the ancient Aramaic it is simple to understand. I have spent thousands of hours of research the simplicity of life. The Woman is the glory of mans salvations and her children. Instinctively women know their is a God , men like me have to prove it for which I did. He resides in the Laws of Nature. He has two functions both male and female and the oneness of each. It is a matter of how you define words.

      • That’s fascinating. I definitely agree that woman is the salvation of man! Also, I find that nature is the one place where I always see ‘God’ now. I marvel at nature like I never have before.

      • 6…..that thus he says to me  my Lord go you!  install you!  the one watching  which he is seeing he shall tell…..
        This is a verse that I am writing on right now. This comes from an old Codex Aramaic Old Testament.
        The first part of the sentence is talking to the man to instill the words of the Lord in him. The second part where it says he is seeing, this means that he God is seeing man through the eyes of the Woman. The Woman was born alive and breathing the man was born dead ie..made frorm the dust…she was not made from a mans rib. For the simple reason in the Semitic/Aramaic lang. there is no word for rib. When it says the bones of my bones it means your soul your mind is as strong and stronger then men’s. The altars told you to cleave to men and we all fell for that deception. Like most religions tell women that they are responsible for bringing sin into the world. That is a lie, man brought gods into the world for all to worship the common man and his family. The snake in the garden is called a NUN it represents the evil seed of man. The Woman has only one seed, the Tree of Life. Man has two seeds good and evil.

      • 6…..that thus he says to me  my Lord go you!  install you!  the one watching  which he is seeing he shall tell…..Talking to the man instill the words in me….the one watching God through the eyes of the woman.  God will tell the woman who will tell the man.
        I do not know if you got my last comment. This is what I teach from an old Semitic/Aramaic Old Testament, 1000 BC. The cuneiform scripts date back further in history. Instinctively you know there is a God man has to create gods to enslave the women and children.
        Man has two seeds good and evil; Woman only has one seed the Tree of Life, she sits on the right side of God in cuniform script man sits to the left. The oposite of what we have been taught. You are on the right track seeing your nature as a Woman in the Laws of Nature around you. I am 65 a little older then you took me awhile to understand my own nature as a Man. I stood up one day and never returned to the altars of men.

      • Got busy n the ancient semitic culture’s the woman was the only one that could dance to the gods. She was the glory and beauty of the gods. Men were not allowed to dance.

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