Plant medicine

Last night I had another dose of plant medicine. I lay on the floor of my darkened office while a modern day Shaman in Portugal channelled the spirit of an air/water plant. The trouble is, five minutes in, just as I was soaring like a gull above an imaginary cliff top, somebody started rattling the door of my office.

I’d told my husband not to come in because I was doing a meditation, but he promptly forgot and as a result, I had to bellow ‘Step away from the door!’

It ruined the flow somewhat, although I did continue to see strange and wonderful things in my mind’s eye. A cave where I was followed by a host of small furry animals, a forest clearing, the planet Earth from space, swimming with dolphins and whales and being caressed and whispered to by the wind.

It wasn’t as visually striking as it was when I had this done the first time round, but I could really feel the energy running up and down my body. Afterwards, I lay on the bed and noticed that my feet were very tingly, then I fell asleep for about 10 hours.

I felt a bit out of it this morning to be honest and totally forgot an appointment as I’d got my days muddled up. The plant man as I like to call him, says that this medicine sidesteps the mind and works on the level of spirit and I had an inkling that the magic continued throughout the day.

I went to the coast to see Dad in hospital again and made a point of getting there early, so that I could experience the ‘Sanctuary’ at the nearby Macmillan Centre. It’s a meditation room with a light display and plinky plonky music by Brian Eno.

There was a woman in there when I arrived. She was about to have chemotherapy and revealed that she looks after her sick mother and an ailing partner. I realised in that moment that I really have it easy. ‘Who looks after you?’ I asked. No answer.

I was connecting with people left, right and centre today. Doors were opened for me, a kind man pushed my dad’s wheelchair up an unforgiving ramp and one of the nurses talked to me about her bone crushingly hard 12-hour shifts. I really do have it bloody easy.

I’m on the train home as I write this and it is a wonder I can type the words as the person beside me has encroached on my personal space somewhat and my arms are glued to my sides. At one point, he feel asleep and his hand flopped onto on my knee. For one terrible moment, I thought he might have died (and no, not as in ‘and gone to heaven’ or anything. Literally croaked). His hearing aid is currently making a high-pitched whistling noise.

I have a conference call with my spiritual mentor Marion tonight and tomorrow I am going to be locked in a cabin with her in the middle of nowhere. Please send help if you don’t hear from me again…😬

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