Talking to dead people…

I may have spoken to a dead person last night. I’m not sure, perhaps it was down to my over-active imagination and the fact that I’d agreed to attend a ‘circle’ meeting with a view to improving my mediumship skills.

To be honest, I signed up to the circle because my friend who takes it, delivers a fabulous guided meditation. I feel spiritually refreshed afterwards, but the idea is that it opens the chakras and raises your vibration so that you can connect with spirit.

I believe she has a gift for this, but I’m not sure I do. I live in a fantasy world most of the time and it is not unusual for me to invent entire mini-series in my mind’s eye.

Last night we were told to bring along photographs of a deceased person. I’d totally forgotten what day it was and was still in my PJs when the session started, so I had to run out of the house in a pair of trackies and grab the first picture of a dead person I could find.

I was given the photo of an old lady to hold. A deceased friend or relative of the person teaching us clairvoyance. I closed my eyes and all sorts of assumptions came up. Perhaps she had a budgie? Did she like fruit cake? Perhaps she played bingo or went everywhere by bus? I certainly wasn’t giving Derek Acorah a run for his money. I knocked my glass of water over with my foot, but didn’t have the front to declare that a ghost had done it.

Anyway, I kept getting pictures of pegs. Why? So I said this out loud and my friend gasped. ‘That’s it,’ she squealed. ‘Her name was Peg.’ Oooh. How strange.

‘What else does she want to say?’

‘She wants me to have a biscuit first,’ I replied.

‘That’s Auntie Peg. The biscuit barrel was always on the table.’

‘Did she like gardening?’ I asked.

Of course she did, doesn’t every woman over the age of 60? Turns out she did.

What was her job?

Shop? No. Teacher. No. Cook. Nope. I was clutching at straws. A telephone. I see her on the telephone. I wondered if she might be a receptionist, but in actual fact, she worked in a call centre.

Psychic abilities or luck? I don’t know. Some strange things happened. I’m reading Destiny Of Souls by Michael Newton at the moment. He’s a hypnotherapist who specialises in between-lives. His clients tell him that many souls try desperately to contact the living. They can only do it when a person is quiet and still. When their mind is receptive, hence that is why my friend put us in to a relaxed, meditative state before we began.

The jury’s out as far as I am concerned. I am certain my friend can commune with dead people, but me? I have trouble communicating with the living some days. I’ll go back and see what happens, but don’t expect to see me on Britain’s Most Haunted any time soon.

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