In spiritual teachings they say there is no such thing as a coincidence and recently, this concept has made me question my own sanity. Chance encounters and synchronicities seem to come my way a lot. Am I drawing them to me as I get in touch with the mysterious invisible cosmic energy that Marion talks about or am I looking for meaning where there is none?

Two things happened to me today – firstly a seagull shat on my head at Eastbourne seafront and secondly, I saw a woman who looked a bit like me, driving my old car.

I sold this car, a lovely pale blue metallic convertible Beetle about five-years-ago in Richmond, Surrey. Every time I see one like it, I get a pang of regret. I sold it because I needed the cash.

I noticed the car as soon as I came out of Lewes station. At first, I assumed it was just another Beetle and then I saw the registration number. It was my old car! I wanted to leap into it’s path and tell the lady driver, but thankfully I didn’t. It would have looked demented and I may well have got run over.

I’m not a mathematician, but I reckon the odds of seeing my old car are huge. There are around 40 million cars in the UK. Let’s say a third of those are in the South of England where the car was sold. That’s 13 million. And then for it to be coming towards me, just as I stepped out of the station…..It is a bit X Files if you ask me.

This happened a day after I tried to commune with the dead and by chance, came up with the name of the person whose photograph I had been handed. I had never seen her before and there hadn’t been any clues. Perhaps it wasn’t an accident after all.

It reminds me of the time my sister and I were talking about spiritual signs. Hers had been a black feather. ‘I won’t accept anything less than a bright pink feather,’ I scoffed. Some weeks later, when I was feeling particularly disenchanted with life, I walked into my local train station and there, at the foot of the stairs, was a single fuscia feather. I picked it up and still have it tucked inside a book.

Signs or pure chance? I’m not sure, it all feels a little bit spooky, but I need something bigger, more dramatic. Seas were parted and bushes burst into flames in the bible. That’s the sort of thing I am after, although I don’t want any people, animals or bushes to be hurt in the making of my miracles.

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