Oh so quiet….

I’m on a silent high. I’ve just come back from a day-long retreat at my favourite centre The House of Prayer and honestly, I am so chilled it’s a wonder I didn’t float home. The more time I spend in silence, the more I love it, which is incredible seeing as my voice has been likened to a foghorn.

I go alone to The House of Prayer each month for a day of silence and I love it, but this time, there was a group of us facilitated by my spiritual mentor Marion. It is always blissful when I do this on my own, but with a crowd of like-minded souls, it’s beyond heavenly.

We began with a meditation, followed by quiet reflection time during which, Marion said we should jot any insights into a notebook. I didn’t want to do any thinking, writing or doing of any kind. Nothing was at the top of my agenda and that is exactly what I did.

When the sun came out briefly, I went for a stroll in a nearby lane and walked along at a snail’s place, dazzled by the vibrant green chestnut tree leaves and the cow parsley foaming in the verge. The more still I become inside, the more wowed I am by nature’s genius. This morning, I marvelled at a robin being buffeted by the breeze for about 15 minutes.

I chewed my food slowly, savoured every cup of tea and felt blissed out as gratitude and love coursed through me. It was my best silent retreat day yet.

One thing I’ve noticed is that silence makes me a good listener. My family always complain that I never listen, but when my mind has stilled, I feel so connected to the person who is speaking, it is as if we are one. It was like that today when we were paired up to share our experience of the day.

It’s my sister’s birthday today and she was there too, so cake was eaten and there was even a bit of singing, which came after the silence was broken, of course.

I came back to be greeted with a ‘Sorry you didn’t get that bit of work you pitched for’ message. It’s the second in as many days, but it is like water off a duck’s back at the minute. It wasn’t meant to be. I’d employ me and anyone who doesn’t see my value, isn’t someone I want to work with anyway. Besides, there is a mahoosive slab of cake in the kitchen and today is certainly NOT a fasting day. Small pleasures…


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