No pain, no gain…

After waiting 17 years to get my hallway decorated, I am thrilled that it is happening, but there are times when I wish I hadn’t started. The chaos is horrendous. Today, due to the fact that some serious skimming was going on, I couldn’t reach my office at all meaning my computer, diary and to do list were out of bounds.

At one point, I gave in went out and got my toe nails painted. It made me feel a whole lot better about life, but didn’t make any inroads into my list of tasks.

I tried to work in the kitchen, but my son was bounding around like an over-excited Labrador, the Aga was pumping out too much heat and I kept eating spoonfuls of almond butter.

I got up at 6.45am with the hope of getting a bit of meditating in before it all went mad, but my daughter barged in to complain about her shoes when I was 10 minutes in. Family life is so all-consuming. I worked out that I spend around 10 hours+ per week tidying up after everyone. Still, with all this dust flying about the place, I don’t think there is any point in cleaning.

I had another treatment from the plant man last night. This time it was fears and emotional trauma I was exorcising. I have so many fears….from thunder storms through to spiders, flying and heights. Really, there isn’t much that doesn’t scare me.

The plant man asked me to have a sea salt bath, think about my fears and traumas and then write them on a piece of paper. Next, I set light to them.

There weren’t so many visual images this time during the meditation, but I could feel energy moving round my body and it was as if a ball of fear moved from the pit of my stomach and then to my chest before rising and leaving through the top of my head. I felt most strange afterwards. We’ll see if it works the next time a spider runs across the floor or lightening strikes.

I think all this madness and chaos is a good thing though. It is a sign that things are changing. However, it will be so nice when I can’t taste dust at the back of my throat…*cough*


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