On the cards

The chatter in my mind has gone into overdrive recently, but there was a blissful period of respite last Sunday when I went to a chanting class. Afterwards, aside from feeding us dates filled with peanut butter and covered in chocolate, our lovely teacher offered up a set of Magdalene Oracle cards.

I love the idea of picking a random card with a pertinent message, although I’ve never gone as far as tarot because it’s far too complicated. With the Magdalene cards, you pick one and read the corresponding message in the handbook. It was interesting to see that everyone who picked a card after the chanting class, seemed to get one that was just right for them.

Mine was called The Judgement and although it looked a little ominous, the message was:

Love and accept all of who you are, as you are.

Given that I’ve noticed how harsh my inner critic is, the words resonated and I pondered on them. I liked the deck of cards so much, I bought a set and picked another, hoping for something different this time as I do like a bit of variety.

I pulled out The Judgement card again. Clearly I hadn’t quite got the message first time round. It’s true. I’d forgotten all about it. ‘Oh, I’ll get round to that loving myself thing on another day’ I told myself. Apparently, this is something that cannot wait. The universe seems to think it is a matter of some urgency.

Okay, I’ve got it now. I wonder what card I’ll get next?

It doesn’t matter if you think the choosing of a card is coincidence or fate, if the message resonates, it’s a gift.

Finally, my spiritual mentor Marion has called today Fabulous Friday, so I am hoping for lots of good stuff. I’m in the chemo unit at the moment, which is great because dad is having more treatment when just a few months ago, somebody said he was too sick for it. Today, a nurse remarked on how nice it is to see him looking so well. That’s pretty fabulous in my book.

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