Meditation is key

I’m aghast at the good fortune that Michael A.Singer writes about in his book The Surrender Experiment. He started out meditating in the woods and went on to become a multimillionaire, all by chance. Yes, he worked hard when he had to, but his road to riches unfurled with seemingly no effort at all.

He didn’t have to analyse KPIs, hire a business coach or go to 6am networking breakfasts in shabby hotels. How can this be? I grew up thinking that life was a struggle and that good things only come to those who strive.

What has Mickey got that I haven’t, aside from a few hundred million quid? Is he special? Super clever? Or born lucky?

He says that the key to his success is meditation. It enabled him to connect to the divine within and he makes all his business decisions through this place of inner stillness. He also gets out of the way and lets life do her thing. This is what my spiritual mentor Marion has been telling me all along.

Every single book on spirituality always comes back to meditation. There is no short cut apparently. Regular meditation is the only way to get in touch with God, your inner wisdom, the universe, source or whatever you want to call it.

I’ve been finding meditation difficult lately. I cannot settle. This morning I forced myself to sit with my eyes shut for an hour. I grew impatient as thoughts whizzed through my mind, but it struck me that there is no pass or fail with meditation, you just do it. Sometimes it’s lovely and peaceful, at other times, the mind just won’t shut the hell up.

I’ve come to see that it’s best not to expect anything. When I first tapped into my inner Prozac, during a day long silent retreat, it came from nowhere. Now, I cannot access it if I try too hard. In matters spiritual, effort invariably leads to a dead end. Magic only seems to happen when I am either too tired to resist or I’m not expecting anything. Interesting.

I drew another Magdalene Oracle card today. It was Revelation and the advice was:

You will soon find the answer you seek. Sit quietly, bring your focus to your breath and meditate.

Once again, I picked exactly the right card. Revelation also told me not to try and figure stuff out logically as this will cause further confusion. ‘Trust the loving guidance within you and know that all unfolds in perfect time” it said.

Looks like it’s time to stop trying so hard. Thanks again for the kind nudge universe.

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