The EDs are coming

I signed up for a free month’s trial of Gaia TV over on Amazon Prime and have been watching a strange series called Interviews With Extra Dimensionals made by an actor/stuntman called Reuben Langdon.

These shows make David Icke look conventional. In each episode, Reuben interviews someone, invariably American, who believes that they can channel aliens from other dimensions.

A long-haired chap called Rob Gauthier reckons he is speaking in the voice of a fifth dimensional reptilian, who for some reason, sounds faintly Welsh, while Nora Herold and Wendy Kennedy believe they can channel light beings called The Pleiadian Collective.

It’s bonkers and what interests me is that these people all make what seems like a decent living from their bizarre channelling. This means that there are plenty of people out there who believe in it enough to part with hard cash.

The channellers are distinctly oddball, but Reuben appears quite sane – he’s doing well out of his interest in aliens too. He’s got 21.3K followers on Twitter and was even named in the Daily Mail as ‘the most famous actor you’ve never heard of.’

One thing that this spiritual path has taught me is that I know nothing and if there are other dimensions that aren’t visible to us humans, they may well be populated by beings who can communicate with our tiny brains.

Their messages are not that dissimilar to all the spiritual teachings I have come across – namely that we are all part of one higher consciousness, that love is what we need to set ourselves free and that there is a shift in human awareness taking place right now. Apparently, we are heading into the fourth dimension…I am not quite sure what this means, but it’s a good thing apparently.

If I were an alien in the 12th dimension, I’m not sure I’d be that bothered by what was happening down on planet Earth given that there are trillions of galaxies in the universe – or perhaps we are the EastEnders of the cosmos, a place where petty dramas and the ego play out in such an entertaining way, the aliens don’t want to miss an episode. Donald Trump must be a headline act in infinity.

I consider myself an open-minded person, but channelling aliens, fairies and unicorns (Nora says her cat is part fairy, part unicorn) is a bit too out there for me, but hey, I’m always happy to be proved wrong. If there are aliens reading this blog (ha! Perish the thought), I’d rather you didn’t tune in to me – I’m finding meditation hard enough as it is without adding more voices to the mix.

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