Whiff of spirituality…

I’ve been drumming my fingers and wondering what to say in this blog. I’ve been busy over on Facebook creating Wow PR School and all spiritual practices have fallen by the wayside. I have been meaning to meditate all day, but it just hasn’t happened so, as I stepped out the door with my very hot dog Wooster, I wondered if I could make it a spiritual walk.

I started by counting my breaths and by number six, I was thinking about a snarky comment somebody had made underneath my ad for PR School. I don’t see the point in being snide, but then if you put yourself out there, you’re going to attract the haters.

I pushed that thought aside and started on the breaths again. Then I started thinking about click funnels. I’m one chapter into Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets and my tiny mind is struggling already.

So far, not so spiritual. Then I stopped to smell a rose. It was half open and a vivid pinkish red. It was a thing of utter perfection and the scent was so sweet I felt a bit giddy. I stood there for a while inhaling the aroma and appreciating what a miracle it was.

As I walked off, with Wooster behind me crunching on a discarded monkey nut shell, I felt a whole lot happier. I heard Neale Donald Walsch talk about how you can smell your way to the soul and I know what he means. 🌹🌹🌹

I had to fill Marion’s latest review form in today and I am afraid to say, it went back as blank as the maths GCSE paper I took in 1981. Since the horrendous silent retreat I haven’t had any realisations, lightbulb moments etc. Sometimes I notice that there are weeks on end where I don’t learn anything at all, but I guess that’s okay. I think I need to start having a bit of fun. These balmy evenings are perfect for G&Ts with pals and right now, I think that’s the best medicine. Chin, chin!

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