Nothing to say…

I had to hand in another of my spiritual mentor’s twice weekly review forms this morning and it was a sorry sight. I really had absolutely nothing to say. I have well and truly plateaued.

It’s not a bad thing. I like this plateau. There’s no drama, no high highs or crashing lows. I’m just bumbling along, getting on with things and enjoying life. Perhaps this is the thing I’ve been looking for all along – ordinary, hum drum not-much-to-write-home-aboutness.

Spiritual books are piling up unread and at the moment, I am leafing through a tome called The Way Home by Mark Boyle . It’s one of my sister’s recommends (she’s a genius at finding the right books) about a guy who decides to go off-grid for a year and by that, I mean no electricity, running water, phones, cars, no nothing. He builds himself a hut and lives off the land. He’s already tried living without money for 12 months.

I have no intention of doing either of these things, but I do crave a simple life, one where I get pleasures from the small things – the shiver of a daisy in the breeze, a robin who hops to say hello when I’m gardening or the smell of a rose (my prize rose Buxom Beauty has just bloomed and the scent is heavenly!). It’s ironic, as it was money that got me started on this spiritual journey and it doesn’t feature highly in my list of wants – it’s not that I don’t desire it any more, I’ve just gone off the idea of lavish living. I hardly shop these days and if it weren’t for Waitrose, I’d be loaded.

I did a one-day silent retreat with Marion yesterday. I locked my phone away for six-hours and floated about like a monk for the day. It was blissful.

This evening, I am off to see my all time favourite musical EVER, Jesus Christ Superstar at The Barbican. Now that wasn’t a cheap pleasure at £75 a ticket, but I reckon it’ll leave me on a high until at least Christmas.

Finally, I am doing a talk tomorrow at a local networking group called Zen And The Art Of Business. I fear people may have paid to come and hear me speak. My first sentence is ‘I am not an expert in anything’ and I hope that doesn’t have them all rushing for a refund. I’m kind of looking forward to it, but have no idea how it will go down. I shall report back…




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