Serial complainer

In a previous blogpost I said I had stopped complaining, but this appears to be an out and out lie. I am a serial complainer. I moan and groan at least 15 times an hour, that’s…well a lot every day, week, month of the year.

This has been brought to attention by a white rubber band that is currently on my right wrist. I’m reading A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen who suggests that my life will be a whole lot better if I quit the negativity.

He has come up with a 21-day no complaints challenge. To do this, you wear a rubber band on one wrist and begin on day one. Every time you complain, you switch the band to the other wrist and you are back to day one again….at this rate, I can’t ever see myself getting to day 2. *switches band*

Apparently, it takes the average person around eight months to complete the challenge.

The idea is that wearing the band makes you conscious of your complaining. Every time you gossip, criticise or complain, you must physically remove the band therefore bringing your actions into awareness.

I honestly didn’t realise I had such a complaining problem.

What’s the point? It goes back to that old thing about ‘What you think about, you bring into being.’ If the world is a projection of our thoughts, then it should be a better place if everyone stopped being so negative.

I was doing well this morning until I asked my daughter to put her dirty plate in the dishwasher. She walked off and said ‘no’ at which point, I did it myself while muttering complaints under my breath.

In fact, that last paragraph probably counts as a complaint. *switches band*

You see. It’s not easy is it? Even Will Bowen himself found it hard and he’s a minister. You can watch him complete the 21-day challenge here. I’m not sure I’ll be filming my own efforts any time soon. *switches band*

Oh FFS. Why is this so difficult? *switches band* *sobs* *switches band again*

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