More magic!

I’m loving the new magical me. The other night, I was up to my eyeballs in Russell Brunson, scratching my head and fearing that I would never figure out how to market my subscription only PR school. I’m a whizz when it comes to getting things in newspapers and magazines, but the technical side of digital marketing hurts my head. I needed help and had no idea where to look for it.

So, I asked. ‘Please find me the right person to help with this,’ I said to the universe. There was no reply, BUT the next day, I got a phone call from a lady called Liz Wilkins. She wanted some help PR’ing a new podcast she is bringing out called Today I am Sober.

The bottom line was…she has no budget.


What she could offer was…

Expertise in how to market an online membership only group. That’s her thing! How amazing is that!

I invited her into the group for free and helped her write a press release in return for her know-how. It was just, well, perfect to be honest and I hope that Liz and I get to work together a lot in the future. I instantly liked her and also applaud her courage – she is a recovering alcoholic and her podcast celebrates the joy of sobriety.

Then, a day later, some not so good stuff happened. I won’t go into boring details, but it’s a work related thing that would normally send me into a panic. This time though, I am determined to react differently. I want to be the person who faces adversity with faith that it’s all going to work out. I have to keep the faith. I am magic. Oh yes I am.

Incidentally, I am still on Day One of my Complaint Free challenge. My husband delights in saying ‘time to move the rubber band’ whenever I gripe. It’s working though. I am appalled by how often I complain and wearing the band is stopping me in my tracks. I think I may go through several before I complete the 21-day challenge though. Oops. *switches band* 😊

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