I am making a point of seeing magic everywhere, confirming wherever possible that I have super powers. This weekend alone I have manifested a glorious chunk of alone time by the sea and a pair of swimming goggles.

I’d decided a while back that I’d like a pair of goggles given that salt water stings my eyes and when the sea is still, I am keen to know what’s going on beneath its surface. My daughter said she saw a plaice during our recent holiday and now I want to see one too.

Anyway, today, I fell asleep on the warm shingle and when I awoke, the tide had tossed a pair of swimming goggles at my feet. Nobody had been in the water as it was blowy on the beach and few had cottoned on to the fact that it felt almost tropical if you lay right next to the wind-beating groyne.

The goggles were in tact and adult-sized too. Perfect.

I’ve been here beside the sea since Thursday evening. I had to let the carpet cleaner and decorator into a house that we own and let to students. On Monday, I have to give the plumbers access to our shower. The idea was for us all to come down for the weekend, but the teens didn’t want to know. They preferred to lounge in their beds watching You Tube videos 24/7 rather than take bracing walks on the South Downs, swim in the silky sea and gorge on raspberry Magnums. The fools!

I have had a most lovely time. I am looking forward to seeing the family when I return home tomorrow and feel rejuvenated after four-nights away. I have so much more time when I am not clearing up other people’s mess. My husband sent me a snap of the garden to demonstrate how windy it was and I was overjoyed to see washing flapping on the line. He’s a keeper that one.

Not much alone time left, just enough to watch films I’ve been meaning to see for ages on the iPad, finish off the ice-cream in the freezer and enjoy having a double-bed all to myself. Magic!

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