Under pressure…

Things don’t feel very Zen around here right now. There’s pressure coming from all angles and I’m trying hard to tap and breathe my way through it with varying degrees of success.

I am a person who creates stress for the sake of it, so when a real bucket of it comes my way, I find it hard to cope. My mantra at the moment is ‘Trust in life.’ Earlier this year, I read Michael A.Singer’s The Surrender Experiment and marvelled at how his ability to go with the flow invariably lead to unexpectedly brilliant results.

There are times when I achieve the calm state I yearn for, but on other occasions, I can feel the adrenaline whooshing around my body and firing up my palpitating heart. I am still wearing L plates when it comes to Zen, but that’s okay, I’m being kinder to myself these days so everything is a good effort in my eyes.

If I were a suspicious person, I’d go as far as to say that the universe has given me some pretty big signs to indicate that it has got my back. Short of hiring a blimp to fly over my house 24/7, it couldn’t really be more obvious.

I get it. Sometimes the s*** hits the proverbial in life and it’s how you react that counts. I’ve read it and I’ve written about, but it’s the doing bit that’s tricky.

We’ve had a long break from Marion’s spiritual mentoring course, but we’re back to it next week and frankly, it couldn’t come soon enough, although deep down, I know that I already have all the tools that I need.

And as I have said before, I think dealing with my stress levels and achieving a calm, clear headed state of mind is the key to my wellbeing. I can see that it is entirely possible, but I am not there yet…by a long shot. 😟


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