What now?

Since I started listening to it, my higher self has been behaving like a kid who has finally got its mother’s attention after a lifetime of fruitless attempts to be noticed. Answers and impulses are being offered up all the time.

For example, as I ambled along the riverside yesterday, I wondered where I would go now that I know who I really am – i.e. a big bundle of boundless love. It changes everything, so what next?

The image of a bird carrying a twig came to mind. Its nest is a perfect, intricate thing, but it all starts with a single twig. My new life will shape itself twig by twig.

There are no big plans, dreams, visions, money-making schemes etc. Nothing like that. Just a willingness to try and live from moment to moment.  Sometimes my gut instinct tells me to drink a glass of water, step away from the computer or get some air. They are small things. Twigs that will build the bigger picture. I don’t know what that is yet and I find that exciting.

One thing I can tell you is, when you touch your own soul and see that you are infinite love, it is very hard to be cruel to yourself. My inner critic has been struck dumb. And when you know you possess all the love you’ll ever need within, there is no reason to people please, act from a sense of duty or in fact do anything at all that you don’t want to. It’s incredibly liberating.

Don’t get me wrong. I know life will still be shit sometimes. This cloud I am on right now is thinning and I’ll soon be back down to earth with a bump, but I feel I have the tools to cope with just about anything. I am not scared any more. The universe really has got my back.

Finally folks, when I started out on this spiritual journey (which incidentally, never ends!), there was nothing more annoying than someone who kept blathering on about infinite intelligence, the divine mother, connecting with source etc etc. It made me rage.

So apologies if I am making you feel like that. The good news is,  if all this peace and love talk is seriously winding you up, it’s only because it’s inside of you too, shouting to be heard.


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