Giving without strings

A strange man turned up on my doorstep at 6pm last night and I gave him what for. He was raising money for Greenpeace and I said that I loathe the idea of charities knocking on doors so much, I was not prepared to listen to him.

I was on my way into the house at the time and as I fumbled with my keys he hollered: “One in 13 people got cancer when I was a kid. Now it’s one in two.”

“Women don’t want strange men turning up at their door in the dark,” I replied.

“Don’t you care about all the plastic?” he barked.

“Yes. You seem very nice, but..” I said.

“I am nice!”



The thing is, I do care deeply about the state of this planet and have nothing at all against Greenpeace. This morning, following a recordbreaking hour and a half meditation, I decided to give them some money. I have an account that is purely for charitable donations and I put a percentage of my income into it each month. It’s called tithing. This is supposed to show the universe that I am an abundant and generous person. I struggled with the concept of giving away money when I don’t feel I have enough, but I must say, it does give me a nice, warm fuzzy feeling.

If the money doesn’t come right back at me, I don’t much care. I have done a tiny bit of good today. I’m all about the joy of giving right now, whether it be money or time.

Having haemorrhaged clients this week, I’d be on the streets with a tin cup if it weren’t for my husband’s income, or at least the old me would.

I have promised to give away several hours one lunchtime a week to a charity that provides meals and support for refugees. For a moment I wondered if I should withdraw my offer as I really should be out there drumming up business, however, it feels like the right thing to do. The thought makes me feel lighter and excited, so I am going to press ahead.

Keeping the faith is not easy when things appear to be collapsing all around me, but there is no other option. I won’t be able to see or receive new and exciting opportunities if I am running around like a headless chicken.

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