Game of thrones

As I perched on a throne, wrapped in a shawl whilst being anointed with biblical oils by my spiritual mentor Marion Young, I couldn’t help but laugh. In January 2019 when I began her year-long course, I couldn’t countenance taking part in such a ceremony, but on Saturday, it felt surprisingly meaningful.

It was our final group mentoring session. There are five of us – three mentees, Marion and her able assistant who is sort of part of the group, only she also does a lot of work behind the scenes – folding blankets, providing jugs of cucumber flavoured water, washing up, preparing lunch etc.

So, why was I sat on a throne being anointed you ask? I was making a commitment to follow this spiritual path I am on no matter how rocky it gets. I have also promised to always try and be my highest self and to help others. I may have looked daft sitting there, but every word that was said resonated. I have no choice. Since my seeing-the-light moment, I knew that my purpose was to guide others towards it.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not see myself as some great spiritual teacher. I am a mere beginner, still wearing L plates, but that makes me perfectly positioned to help other learners. I understand the agony of being trapped in an insane thinking mind. I know how frustrating it is when awakened beings beam at you, high on their inner calm, while you feel like a bucket of shit. And I am still quite baffled by much of the spiritual jargon.

This means I need to finish the book of this blog. I am on chapter two at the moment. That’s about 20,000 words, which isn’t bad going. In order to finish it, I need to make sure there is space in my life. No more wasting time on pointless meetings, doing badly paid work or losing myself in a tidal wave of busyness.

I took a leap of faith recently when I binned by biggest client and it paid off. Not only did I feel lighter, but this month, I made the lost income up effortlessly, working for people who value my expertise.

We did another money exercise at Marion’s final meeting and I felt a shift. The very next day, I sold almost £1,000 worth of pop-up Christmas cards. I no longer have an unconscious desire to repel money, I am inviting it in. The richer I become, the more the newbies will take notice of me when I share my spiritual journey. Money talks. Most people want more of it and I need to walk the talk. Kerching.

I’m on my way to my Dad’s house at the moment. He’s been poorly of late and I want to start visiting him more frequently – this is another reason why I must never give my time away to wasters. Every minute of it is precious, much more so than money. That’s one of my biggest realisations of the year, along with the fact that self-love is absolutely essential if you seek happiness. Anyway, until next time. Peace, love and rainbows to you. 😘

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