Goodbye January…

Where did January go? It seemed to disappear in a flurry of vegan ready meals, hardly worn running gear and too many episodes of Schitt’s Creek than is good for a person. As Januarys go though, it’s been a good one.

I created a vision board at the start of the month and decided that workwise, I want to be more spiritual and less corporate. One of my biggest mistakes is setting goals that are just too massive, so I asked the universe to deliver an extra £500 and a newspaper or magazine commission in January.

It came up trumps. I have an exciting new client, I’m half way through a tabloid article and my PR school people are smashing it. The biggest development though, is my decision to run an event in September.

I have zero experience when it comes to running events and I realise it is a lot harder than it looks. I’d been Googling one-day retreats as I love the idea of stepping off the hamster wheel for some healing, uplifting sessions in the company of other seekers. I couldn’t find anything to my liking and then, half way through a meditation, an idea popped into my head – why don’t I put on my own event?

The idea excited me. It felt right, but a day or so later, the fear set in….I could lose money, what if nobody shows up, what if people cancel or I am ill on the day? I reckoned though, that everybody who runs events must feel this way and I learned a while back that there is no growth without leaving your comfort zone.

So, Reboot Camp is a thing. It’s happening at a gorgeous hotel in Kingston called Warren House. There will be uplifting talks, a Secret Sunrise session, an introduction to meditation, beginner’s chanting, restorative yoga and possibly some sound healing. I’m even throwing in a vegetarian lunch and bottomless tea, coffee and mineral water.

Eeeeek. It’s scary, but at least I can PR the hell out of it and call in as many favours as I can muster from my journalist friends, many of whom write for wellness titles.

I’m bringing together a group of facilitators who have all uplifted, inspired, healed and calmed me and I want to share that with others. A profit would be nice and if it goes well, I’ll do another one in 2021. I’ll post more details here when the itinerary for the day is set in stone.

Another of my tasks for January was to tidy my office and so far, I have managed one cupboard and raised some unexpected cash by selling old cameras, disc recorders etc on eBay. One woman’s rubbish really is another’s treasure.

I take it all back January. I’ve called you a bleak and depressing month in years gone by, but this year, you’ve been the biz. See you again in 2021!

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  1. I’d sign up for your retreat if I didn’t live so damn far away! As it is I’ll have to experience it vicariously if you write more about it. Best of luck with it. You’ll do great.

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