Lockdown survival guide

I am no expert, but in the absence of anything new to write about (it really is the same old, same old round here) I thought I would share the things that are helping me stay sane:

1. Unorthodox on Netflix. It’s the story of a young woman who flees a Samar Hasidic community in the States and finds refuge in Berlin.

2. Online ballet classes. There are plenty doing the rounds. The Royal Academy of Dance classes are advertised for Silver Swans, but are perfect for beginners of all ages.

3. The Guardian. Best read out there in my opinion.

4. Chanting by Snatam Kaur.

5. Regular online meditation and self enquiry sessions.

6. Cadbury’s chocolate.

7. Zoom calls with friends and family.

8. Daily walks in hidden corners of my favourite parks.

9. Secret Sunrise, which combines dance with meditation and breath work is a huge boost. I got a bit emotional when I did the last one and saw all these faces from across the globe waving from my screen.

10. A window seat. I have lived in my house for 18-years and for the first time ever, I sit by a window in the front and look out. I must seem like a right old nosy neighbour, but who cares?

11. Cooking. Preparing meals from scratch with whatever food items I have in the fridge and cupboards is an enjoyable challenge. I have unearthed ingredients that are as old as my middle child.

12. Gardening. I am currently chopping back ivy. I reckon that if I put all the ivy in my garden end to end, it would stretch around the M25. Where has it all come from??

13. Daffodils. Hard to come by right now, but I got two bunches in M&S on Friday and they are heavenly.

14. Getting up early. I have realised that lie-ins are energy sapping, so try and wake as early as possible.

15. Routine, routine and more routine.

16. Cleaning whilst singing along to Jesus Christ Superstar.

17. Avoiding the news just before bedtime.

18. Walking away from arguments. This can be tough in the absence of being able to slam the front door and flounce off.

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