What happens after a month of Dr.Joe Dispenza meditations?

It’s been a month since I decided to start each day with a Dr.Joe Dispenza meditation, so what has happened? On the face of it, not much. So far, I wouldn’t warrant a slot on his website where devotees with shining faces tell the world how they have healed terminal illnesses or completely turned their lives around thanks to Dr.Joe. There’s been little in the way of dramatic change, but something is happening…

Before I tell you about the results, I must point out that meditating every day has been a struggle. There are times when Dr.Joe gets on my nerves. He’s always telling me to ‘imagine this’, and ‘think that’ plus there is a lot of muscle squeezing and deep breathing, which has left me coughing thanks to the fact that I got Covid a couple of weeks back.

I felt like giving up several times. In his meditations, Dr.Joe asks you to imagine the joy of riches, a quickfire mind, freedom, the life of your dreams etc, etc. He doesn’t want you to simply picture it in your mind, he asks that you conjure up the relevant emotions and this is something I simply cannot do…

I’ve written about it a gazillion times and here I am, saying the same old, same old. How do you shift your emotions during the course of a meditation? I don’t know, because as soon as he asks, I feel a sense of mild panic, which sits on my chest like a stone and stays there until lunchtime.

In the early days of my spiritual journey, I might have given up. Instead, I’ve decided to observe my reactions. Why is it that I respond to these meditations with mild fear and panic? What is being triggered?

I don’t have any answers, but I do know that I’m paying more attention to my behaviour. I’ve stopped the negative self-talk in its tracks and refused to allow myself to fall into a downward spiral, even with Covid which is tough because I think the virus brings with it a very dark mood.

Workwise and financially, it has been a really good month. Is it anything to do with these morning meditations? It may be. I can’t say I have been feeling wildly abundant, but I’m more hopeful, confident, and happier in my work. I’m definitely giving off better work energy.

I’m curious about this idea of elevating your emotions, so after Christmas, I will be speaking to somebody who managed to heal long Covid symptoms using Dr.Joe’s methods. She’s passionate about his work, so I am really interested to grill her about how her approach and what the process was like. I’ll be posting the podcast on my Patreon page. I have no patrons yet, but with the power of positive thinking, a bit of begging, and a jazzy rebrand thanks to my artistic daughter, I have high hopes.

Clearly, Dr. Joe’s work is not an overnight thing. Rewiring your brain takes time, effort, and an enormous amount of will. It’s not for the faint-hearted or moaning Minnies, which is a category I include myself in.

In one of the testimonials, a young girl said that she sat there meditating and wouldn’t allow herself to get up until she felt something. She persisted and it paid off. If there is a secret, that’s it. I need to keep going. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. One month down, another one to go. Who’s up for joining me?

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