10 telltale signs that you’re addicted to drama

I tend to stick to what’s known as lived experience in this blog and when it comes to drama, I am right up there with Kim Kardashian, Katie Price, and Prince Harry. For me, there is nothing quite like the rush of outrageous gossip, a humdinger of an argument, or the sound of multiple sirens wailing in the distance. What sort of sicko am I, you might ask? One who was a child surrounded by drama and grew up needing a hit of it every so often to feel normal.

Does that sound familiar? Here are my 10 telltale signs that might suggest you too are the biggest drama Queen/King on the block.

  1. There is drama in your life – it’s no accident that your life is full of drama. You are unconsciously creating and attracting it. Don’t believe me? Look around at some of the people you know whose lives are devoid of huge highs, crashing lows, and endless barneys. You might have to seek outside your friendship group as we tend to attract like-minded friends, but trust me, there are people out there whose lives are more Countryfile than EastEnders.
  2. You keep falling out with people – are your relationships and friendships fraught with rows? Do you fall out with your boss/clients on a regular basis? I hate to say it, but it’s not them, it’s you. Yes, you might have the worst boss in the universe or a boyfriend with an axe to grind, but the fact is, you chose them…
  3. Gossip is your lifeblood – if you love a bit of tittle-tattle and have been on cloud nine ever since the headlines were full of Prince Harry’s book, it’s your appetite for drama that’s being satisfied. Psychologists say that gossip can be bonding, and while sharing chit-chat about others is harmless enough, experiencing a rush of adrenalin while you slate others and/or rake over their private lives, isn’t good for you. You’re probably being judgemental and are feeding off negative energy. If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, then it’s best (for you!) to say nothing. Remember, you are what you think!
  4. You lie awake at night with a head full of worries – I know this feeling well because I have a tendency to do this. When it happens, I try to remember the wise words of Eckhart Tolle who says: “The voice in your head creates a huge amount of problems that aren’t really problems.” I have spent many a wakeful night lying there catastrophising, and while I still do sometimes, I am better at telling myself that I can’t solve anything in this moment. I also ask the universe to soothe me to sleep and it generally obliges.
  5. You’re always late– it’s not the buses, the trains, your dodgy alarm clock, the dog, traffic jams, etc that are to blame if you are late on a regular basis. The very act of being late creates drama. It also disrespects the time of others (if you are meeting up or going to work). Your lateness is no coincidence. Notice when it next happens and ask yourself why you’ve chosen not to keep time.
  6. You get involved in social media spats – you might feel justified in telling that hateful person on Twitter where to shove their opinions or explaining why this political party or that person, should not be trusted. Nobody cares about your opinions on social media, they are only interested in their own and they certainly won’t be swayed by your take on things. If you keep getting drawn into social media slanging matches, step away from the screen, take a deep breath and notice how you are feeling. Hug a tree if you have to (it always works for me).
  7. You are always complaining – do you think the country’s gone to ruin, that we’re all doomed, young people are lazy, old people are stuck in their ways etc? Moaning is a way of creating drama and it’s not good for the soul. The less you moan, the less you’ll have to moan about.
  8. You love reality TV – guilty m’lud. I absolutely adore reality TV and can see that it fuels my drama addiction. I like to think that I see the humanity in reality TV players, but that’s probably just me trying to feel better about my guilty pleasure. This is one I am not prepared to give up, although I haven’t watched Prince Harry’s Netflix series or read the book, because it looks to me that as a nation, we are feeding off his pain. It’s become very divisive, so I wish him well and look forward to the new series of Love Island.
  9. You hate silence – if the idea of going somewhere quiet and not speaking for a long time sends you into a panic, think about why. There is no excitement or drama in stillness and that is the reason why I love it so much, which sounds strange coming from a self-confessed drama addict. Being drama free for days on end is so soothing to my neurology, it makes me feel that I really don’t need or want a lot of drama in my life. It serves as a reminder that I should walk away when I am next in danger of being sucked into drama.
  10. You are stuck in the past – if you’re clinging on to past trauma, hurts or upsets, talking about and going over and over them, stop. It’s giving you a drama fix and it’s also preventing you from moving on. You cannot create a bright future when you are stuck in a dismal past.

I’m trying to wean myself off drama and while I have got a lot better, I still slip into bad habits now and again. I have a feeling however, that my daily Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations will help. Have you got a drama problem? I’d love to hear about it.

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