Lessons in money mindset

I saw a post on social media requesting money recently, and I was so shocked by the sheer boldness of the ask, I ended up discussing it for well over half an hour with my husband.

Now, I’ve been doing this work (aka trying to understand myself) for long enough to know that when I find myself talking about somebody else’s business, it’s not about them, it’s about me. Something in my psyche had been triggered by this Twitter post and that was a call for me to look inwards and find out why.

That’s exactly what I did and you can read about the process on my Patreon page…and while we’re talking about money, I’ll be upfront and honest and tell you that it costs to join. It’s £5 a month for the basic membership, which includes exclusive content, podcasts, and of course, the chance to support me and keep Patreon ad free and editorially independent.

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