10 ways to get yourself into a state of flow

I forget myself sometimes and blurt stuff that only fellow woo explorers would understand. A woman in my ballet class looked horrified when I told her that I was in the vortex. The fact that I squealed it a few centimetres from her face probably didn’t help. She’s an English professor and the statement conjured up images of Noel Coward’s play of the same name, which features a cougar, drug taking, infidelity…you get the picture. 

The vortex I was referring to is the one described by Abraham Hicks who for the benefit of the uninitiated, is a collective universal consciousness channelled by a woman called Esther. It sounds bat shit crazy, but the wisdom of the words resonates and they are said with love and kindness. That’s all that matters to me.

The vortex is the place where you are connected to source, aka universal life force, the divine, God, infinite intelligence, your higher self, etc. Some people refer to it as a state of flow. It’s that place where you believe anything is possible, making things happen appears effortless and you are having so much fun that time appears to stand still.  

A few words that sum up the vortex for me are – freedom, wholeness, love, peace, bliss, trust, inspiration, excitement, and possibility. 

If you are serious about manifesting, then you want to do it in a state of flow, but how do you get into it? You can try one of these 10 methods:

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