Treat your mind like a delicate houseplant

I got a bonsai tree for Christmas and I’m terrified of killing it as my track record with houseplants is grim. I check on it daily. Is it too wet? Too dry? Have I fed it enough? Trimmed it adequately? Are those new shoots I see? Have I spoken enough loving words to it? It’s like having a baby in the house.

It struck me that I should be doing the same for my mind, because I have learned that thoughts become things and that my life is the way it is, because of the thoughts I have a habit of thinking. Knowing this to be true, I have to tend to my thoughts as carefully as I do my precious bonsai.

I’ve been Joe Dispenza’ing the f*** out of my life for a while and if I had a pound for every time I imagined my novel on the shelves at Waterstones, I’d be on a yacht somewhere hot. The book is finished and so far I have had a slew of rejections from literary agents. This has pierced my bubble somewhat and the positive vibes are not quite as forthcoming.

When this happens, as it does for everyone, because life’s like that, I turn to the tonics that always lift my spirits. Being outdoors and dancing do it for me, along with great teachings from spiritual leaders. I fell asleep with Wayne Dyer repeating positive affirmations through my noise-cancelling headphones the other day and I kid you not, I woke up feeling like a new woman.

The trick is, to find out what works for you. Over my Patreon page, I’m sharing some links to my favourite mood-boosting resources. If you haven’t joined yet, it’s only a fiver a month AND you get some lovely free merch and of course you can cancel any time, no questions.

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