I asked…and it was given

Friday last week has gone down as a day I’ll remember because I got the thing I’d begged the universe to deliver for months on end, no make that years. At one point I had to pinch myself. Was this real? The moment I’d longed for had come and was even better than I’d imagined, which is crazy because I pictured it a lot, every time Dr. Joe Dispenze urged me to do so during his morning meditation.

Did I win the lottery? It felt like it because, on Friday, I signed with a literary agent, and not just any literary agent, one that was made for me, who I really liked, and who loved my book just as it was. In fact, she seemed to love it as much as I do. Yipee! Jackpot! Eureka!

It all makes sense now. The frustration. The near misses. The gazillion hours of hard work I had to put in. The people who taught me how to write a novel and came into my life at exactly the right time. It was all leading to that moment. Last summer, an agent who had heard about my book, wrote to say she’d like to read the full manuscript when it was ready and I set about editing it into shape. It took me a year and I was gutted when she decided it wasn’t for her.

Now, I’m delighted. Thank goodness she passed on it or else I wouldn’t have continued revising the book, seeking yet more advice, and then finally, sending it to the dream agent.

A friend pointed out that this happened at the point where I had almost given up hope. I was no longer wedded to the outcome. I’d come to terms with the fact that my novel might never attract an agent and I was okay with it. I was more than okay with it, I was happy because life was good.

And then…BOOM, along it came and when it happened, it was fast. Within less than 24 hours of reading my book, the agent said she’d be thrilled to work with me. She said lots of lovely, flattering things about my book, and my voice cracked with emotion as I read it out loud to my husband.

Last summer, I was desperate for the initial interested agent to love my book and she didn’t. I sent it off to more agents. They didn’t love it either, yet a quiet voice inside told me to keep going, to keep my eyes on the prize and believe. I couldn’t see how it was all going to pan out for the best, but it did, at the very moment I surrendered and gave up control.

A friend pointed out that the same thing happened when I met my husband. I’d been single for seven years and decided that enough was enough. I didn’t need a man, I’d be happy on my own and would live with lots of cats. And I don’t even like cats!

I went on holiday on my own that year, which in hindsight was brave, wasn’t it? I came back with a tan and a new friend who is now my husband.

Time and time again, I read and am told to ask and then let go and allow the universe to work out the mechanics of how it’s going to happen. I have to reach a tipping point before I do that because I am such a control freak.

But I did the work. I set an intention and then I took steps towards it. I took countless writing and editing courses, devoured books on storytelling, read novels, and took notes. I forced myself to sit down and write when I didn’t feel like it. I kept going. Kept my eyes on the prize. Kept asking.

And the universe smashed it!

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